Wrench Holders for 11-Compartment Organizer - Milwaukee / Other Brands (OEW-11S and OEW-11M)

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if you need to store 15/16" and 1" wrenches, please click here: 



These inserts are sold individually and designed for storing wrench sets in the Packout Low-Profile 11-Compartment Organizer (48-22-8431).

You can order these inserts to fit in either the left or right side of the case.

These inserts are not eligible for our $5 off every second insert discount, BUT if you order a pair of them they come with a label for free.

These inserts are designed around the Milwaukee 15-piece SAE wrench set 

48-22-9415 (minus the 15/16" and 1" wrenches), and the Milwaukee 15-piece metric wrench set 48-22-9414.  Our customers have reported they work well for similar wrench sets from other brands.  We have been selling these for about a year now and have only had one customer tell us their wrenches absolutely did not fit the insert.   THESE INSERTS DO NOT FIT CRAFTSMAN V-SERIES WRENCHES.  We have separate inserts for those.

We pride ourselves in our customer service and constantly strive to work with our customers to adapt existing designs to fit other popular sets.  If you'd like to try our wrench inserts for another brand, we ask only that you order them in red/white so we can easily resell returns in case they don't work out.