Packout Insert For M18 Hammer Drill/Driver (MHDD)

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This insert was designed to hold the Milwaukee 2904 M18 Hammer Drill/Driver.

It can also hold a battery up to 6.0, and has several spots for bit organizing, including:

-12 spots for individual 2” power bits

-6 spots for individual 3” power bits

-5 spots for larger 3” bits (like Vix bits or countersinks)

-4 spots that can hold multiple larger and longer bits like spades and augers (up to 9” long)

-2 spots than can hold more spades/augers/extensions and narrower bits up to 12” long

-A complete index for twist drill bits from 1/16-1/2”, with 2 spots each for bits from 1/16-5/64”.  This index can flip to stand up or be removed from the case entirely.

This insert also has the 10-spot logo embossed in full color under the drill, for a limited time only.  It fits in either the 5-compartment organizer (48-22-8435) or the 11-compartment organizer (48-22-8430), and is a 10-Spot Tools exclusive!

We now offer latches to identify which tool is in which case.  Latches are offered at a discount if purchased with a matching insert.  You can select (2) 5-Compartment latches or (1) 11-Compartment latch.