Packout Insert For M12 Rotary Hammer (MRH and MFRH)

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This insert was designed to hold your m12 rotary hammer (2412-20) OR your m12 Fuel rotary hammer (2612-20).

In both versions, there are slots underneath the tool to organize the various bits commonly used with it in 6" lengths.  There are 5 slots to accommodate 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8" SDS bits.  

There is also a larger slot to accommodate a couple SDS bits up to 12", as well as the depth rod.

There are separate spots for the side handle and the collar for the handle in the non-fuel version.

These inserts can hold the tool as well as 2 large format m12 batteries.

Finally, these were designed to fit in either the 11-compartment organizer (48-22-8430) OR the 5-compartment organizer (48-22-8435).

These inserts are 10-Spot Tools exclusives.

We now offer latches to identify which tool is in which case.  Latches are offered at a discount if purchased with a matching insert.  You can select (2) 5-compartment latches or (1) 11-compartment latch.