Packout Insert For M12 Extended Reach 3/8" Ratchet and 56-Piece Socket Set (MERSH)

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This insert was designed to hold the M12 Fuel 3/8" Extended Reach Ratchet 2560 AND the 56 pc. 3/8" Drive Socket Set 48-22-9008.

The insert features a removable tray for the shallow sockets.  There is room under the tray to hold (2) small format batteries, the manual ratchet wrench that comes with the socket set, and more!

If you leave the shallow tray behind, there is room for (2) large format batteries.

This insert can fit in EITHER the 5-compartment organizer (48-22-89435) OR half the 11-compartment organizer (48-22-8430) and is a 10-Spot Tools exclusive!