Packout Insert For M12 Die Grinders (MDG)

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This insert was designed to hold BOTH the m12 right angle die grinder (2485-20) and the m12 straight die grinder (2486-20).  It can store a large format battery on the angle grinder and a small format battery on the straight grinder.  It can also hold the m12 ratchet (2457-20) instead of the straight die grinder.

There is room for several 3" cutting wheels (about 18), and 4 slots for a variety of 2" sanding discs.  There are 24 spots for various burrs, bits, and mandrels, and extra room under each of the tools for additional storage.

If you're interested in this insert, but only have 1 of the 2 grinders, the space for the second grinder makes for a great deal of extra storage room.

This insert is available in a 2-color design.  For single-color inserts, simply select the same color for both halves.

This insert is a 10-Spot Tools exclusive, and was designed to fit either the 11-compartment organizer (48-22-8430) or the 5-compartment organizer (48-22-8435).

We now offer latches to identify which tool is in which case.  Latches are offered at a discount if purchased with a matching insert.  You can select either (2) 5-compartment latches or (1) 11-compartment latch.