Packout Insert For 4 1/2" Grinder Wheel Organizer (MAGW)

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This insert was designed to hold 4 1/2" grinder wheels.  It has 4 slots to keep everything organized.  Each slot can hold:

  • Up to 19 cutoff wheels
  • Up to 4 grinding wheels
  • Up to 3 flap wheels

Everything is stored diagonally so you won't have to dig to find the wheels you're looking for.  This insert fits in EITHER the 5-compartment organizer (48-22-8435) OR the 11-compartment organizer (48-22-8430) and is a 10-Spot Tools exclusive!

We are now offering latches to identify which tool is in which case.  Latches are available at a discount when purchased with the matching insert.  You can choose either (2) latches for the 5 compartment organizer, or (1) latch for the 11-compartment organizer.