Packout Drawer Insert for M18 FUEL Die Grinder (MDG18 D) - Sidewinder Style

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This insert can hold:

  • Milwaukee M18 FUEL Die Grinder 2984
  • M18 Battery up to 8.0
  • Up to 18 1/4" Burrs

It has a large open area to accommodate several burrs, flap wheels, or sanding discs.  There are several options for bins to occupy this area to keep these organized.  Please see pictures for the different options.

First color is the insert itself, second color is for the bins.  

It fits in:

    • Milwaukee 3-Drawer Packout 48-22-8443 (takes up half a drawer)
    • Milwaukee 2-Drawer Packout 48-22-8442 (takes up half a drawer)
    • Milwaukee Multi-Depth 3-Drawer Packout 48-22-8447 (takes up half a drawer)

    This insert is part of our SIDEWINDER series of inserts which take up half a drawer going sideways.  

    Order any 2 SIDEWINDER inserts and get a $10 DISCOUNT!