Misting Kit for the Milwaukee Tool M18 Fan

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Well Milwaukee tool did it again, another great tool that they made a Ryobi version with more features.  So we like to do toolmodz so we now have a water misting kit for the Milwaukee fan. 

So whether you are on a hot jobsite or trying to cool off by the pool we have you covered.

We now offer several options for ordering!

1) Universal large: includes 8 zip ties and one 22" diameter misting kit
2) Universal small: includes 8 zip ties and one 12" diameter misting kit
3) Milwaukee large: includes 4 screw in clips and one misting kit custom designed for the Milwaukee large M18 fan
4) Milwaukee small: includes 4 adhesive clips and one misting kit custom designed for the Milwaukee small M18 fan
5) STL File/digital  print yourself! (personal use only)
6) Just the clips (4 pack)


Get the Fan from ACME Tool right here: 


Get the M18 SwitchTank hose from ACME Tool right here:

Buy the fan misting kit from Amazon here: 

DISCLAIMER: Remember that water and electricity do NOT mix. Please keep an eye on your misting kits and make sure that (especially on the smaller misting kits) that you dont have water dripping onto your battery or power source. We are not responsible for any potential damage or injury caused by installing and using this product on your fan.