Ultimate Packout Drawer Wrench Storage Combo - 3 Drawer Packout (UWSC3)

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This combo includes all of the following:

  • OEW-S D - holds 15-piece SAE Combination Wrench Set 48-22-9415
  • OEW-M D- holds 15-piece Metric Combination Wrench Set 48-22-9515
  • RCW-S D- holds 15-piece SAE Ratcheting Wrench Set 48-22-9416
  • RCW-M D- holds 15-piece Metric Ratcheting Wrench Set 48-22-9516
  • FHW-S D- holds 15-piece SAE Flex Head Wrench Set 48-22-9413
  • FHW-M D- holds 15-piece Metric Flex Head Wrench Set 48-22-9513


  • COMBINATION WRENCHES Packout Drawer Handle
  • RATCHETING WRENCHES Packout Drawer Handle
  • FLEX HEAD WRENCHES Packout Drawer Handle
  • MILWAUKEE WRENCHES Packout Drawer Badge

The inserts will fit in ANY drawer but the handles and badges for the 2/3 drawer are a different size than the handle and badges for the 4-Drawer.

If you'd prefer an Ultimate Wrench Storage Combo with 4-Drawer Handles included: