Packout Tray Copper Sweating Tray (CST)

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This insert was designed to fit the Packout Tray 48-22-8045.

It can hold everything you need for sweating copper.  It has dedicated spots for:

  • Several clean flux brushes
  • 10" channellocks
  • Can of MAPP gas
  • Torch head
  • 2-3 tu-turn brushes
  • Tubing cutter
  • Tub of flux paste
  • Dirty flux brush
  • Solder
  • Roll of sandcloth
  • Metal solder drip cup (included)

It also has slots to accept the small dividers that come with the Packout tray.  You can use these to divide the other half of the tray for fittings or other miscellaneous plumbing items.

NOTE: You do not need to remove the handle from the Packout tray to insert the CST. I removed the handle on mine for the purposes of making the videos.