Packout Inserts For Milwaukee Large Bit Sets (MB-BH & MB-SF)

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These 2 inserts (more to come) are designed to hold the 10-Piece Big Hawg bit set (49-56-9290) and the 8-Piece Selfeed bit set (49-22-030).  Each insert takes up half the 5-compartment organizer (48-22-8435).

The MB-BH fits in the lower half.  It has spots for all the hole saws with pegs in the middle to keep them centered so the teeth of one don’t bang against the walls of another.  It also has dedicated spots for the mandrel, extra center bits, sharpening stone, and hex key.

The MB-SF fits in the upper half.  It has 2 trays.  The lower tray hold the extension, 2 smallest bits, and extra screw centers and hex keys.  The upper tray holds all the larger bits and has a finger hole for easy lifting.

the BH costs $35 and the SF costs $45, or you can get both for $75.  These inserts are 10-Spot Tools exclusives!

We now offer latches to identify which tool is in which case.  Latches are offered at a discount if purchased with a matching insert and are sold by the pair.  If you order both inserts with latches, you will get one of each instead of a pair.  Please ignore the mismatched latch photo.  The latches for these inserts have a Milwaukee M, followed by either BIG HAWG or SELF FEED.