Packout Insert for Milwaukee Adjustable Wrenches (MAW)

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This insert has slots for:

  • Milwaukee 12" Adjustable Wrench 48-22-7412
  • Milwaukee 10" Adjustable Wrench 48-22-7410
  • Milwaukee 8" Adjustable Wrench 48-22-7408 OR Wide Jaw 48-22-7508
  • Milwaukee 6" Adjustable Wrench 48-22-7406

Each slot can hold up to 2 wrenches of the same length!

The insert fits in:

  • Low Profile 5-Compartment Packout 48-22-8436
  • Low Profile 11-Compartment Packout 48-22-8431 (Left side.  Please select right side version if you want this insert specifically for the right side of the 11-compartment packout)

Available with a label that says ADJUSTABLE WRENCHES to help identify the packout