Packout Insert For Flare Nut Wrench Sets (FNW)

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  • SAE Double-Ended Flare Nut Wrench Set 48-22-9470
  • Metric  Double-Ended Flare Nut Wrench Set 48-22-9471

Fits in:

  • 5-Compartment Compact Low Profile Small Parts Organizer 48-22-8436


  • Wrenches store in size order from largest to smallest
  • Large wrenches are on the outside edge of the case, small wrenches toward the center
  • SAE wrenches on the left side, Metric on the right
  • Contrasting-color numbers are printed at the top of the insert at each wrench head for easy identification
  • Walled tray for storing small items
  • Available 3D printed handle label for an extra $6

(One of the wrench sizes is missing in the photos.  This has been corrected in the final version and new pictures will be up on Monday)