Packout Insert For 5" Sanding Disc Organizer (5SD)

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This insert is designed to store and organize your 5" sanding discs.  Each slot can hold between 20 and 30 individual discs, and there are several slots to keep the discs organized.  The insert is available in 4 different configurations:

  • 6 slots with legend
  • 6 slots without legend
  • 8 slots with legend
  • 8 slots without legend

The non-legend versions include a flat spot where your preferred grit numbers could easily be written in with a marker, or to which you could easily apply a label of your own.  If you don't want a legend, select -None- for the legend color.

This insert can fit in either:

  • 5-compartment organizer 48-22-8435
  • 11-compartment organizer 48-22-8430

And is a 10-Spot Tools exclusive!

NOTE:  On the legend for the 8-Slot version, 240 has been changed to 320.