Packout Drawer Inserts for Milwaukee Combination Wrench Sets (OEW-S D and OEW-M D)

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These inserts are sold individually and are designed to hold:

  • Milwaukee SAE Combination Wrench Set 48-22-9415
  • Milwaukee Metric Combination Wrench Set 48-22-9515

Each one fills up half a drawer in any of the following:

  • Milwaukee 2-Drawer Packout 48-22-8442
  • Milwaukee 3-Drawer Packout 48-22-8443
  • Milwaukee 4-Drawer Packout 48-22-8444
  • Milwaukee Multi-Depth 3-Drawer Packout 48-22-8447

If purchased together, these inserts carry a $10 discount!

You can find the drawer handles from the pictures here:

Our other drawer wrench inserts are available here:

Or, if you're interested in all 3 sets of inserts with Drawer Handles included: