Ammo Can Nipple Caddy (ACNC)

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This is our first insert designed to fit the packout ammo can!

The insert includes 2 trays; one is for a set of 1/2” nipples, and the other is for a set of 3/4” nipples.

Each tray has individual spots for a total of 60 nipples sized from 1 1/2”-6”.

The top tray also has 2 separate hoppers for 1/2” and 3/4” close nipples.  Each hopper can hold about 10 nipples.

The insert is extremely versatile.  If you want, you can step down your 1/2” nipple sizes and fit the tray that comes with the ammo can on top of the nipple caddies.

You can also fit nipples up to 8 or 9” if you don’t use the top tray.

Each tray prints in 2 pieces but the pieces come pre-bonded from the factory.

We offer 4 different versions of the latch for this insert.  The first 3 are for black, gal, or brass nipples. The fourth simply says "nipples."

This insert is a 10-Spot Tools exclusive!